Friday, July 04, 2008

Random Thoughts

Last year I flew to London on the evening of Independence Day. July 4 is an excellent day to fly in the US--people stay home in fear of terrorists and you can see fireworks all across the country (it would have been even cooler if I had been flying east to west!). However, as I stood in line at Heathrow the next morning I wondered whether busting out of the UK was really worth the trouble.

Dogs hate July 4 even more than they hate New Year's Eve.

Nothing I buy at the grocery store can be bad for me if I rode my bicycle there and back.

A new program on DIY Network combines my two obsessions: Deconstruction.

This summer, in preparation for September's Critical Legal Conference in Glasgow, I'm going to make myself understand the Problem of the Subject or die trying.

When I look at the rear wheel hub of other people's bicycles to see whether they have derailleurs or are single-speed or fixed-gear, I feel like a dog sniffing other dogs' private parts. A little. Not really.

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