Friday, July 04, 2008

Biting the Hand . . .

I got an email the other day informing me that this blog had been included in a list of The Top 100 Law and Lawyer Blogs compiled by and posted at Criminal Justice Degrees Guide. This site has already posted its top 100 Civil Liberties Advocacy Blogs and its top 100 Criminal Justice Blogs, but it is still an honor to be in such select company.
Other "articles" at the site include "12 Online Tools to Discover Where Sexual Predators and Criminals Live in Your Neighborhood":
Parents, teachers and other guardians who are concerned about the safety of their children can often reduce the risks their children face by educating themselves as to where sexual predators and criminals reside in their neighborhoods.
Also "20 Civil Liberties Laws Every American Should Know". Except for American "sexual predators and criminals" I guess.
The site seems otherwise unobjectionable, promising and, as far as I know, delivering "one of the most comprehensive listings of campus based and online criminal justice degree programs." The site offers descriptions of "Criminal Justice Careers," ranging from Corrections Officer and Bailiff through Lawyer/Attorney and Crime Scene Investigator to Forensic Psychologist and Homeland Security. Appropriately, if you click on Homeland Security for more information you don't get any. My experience in law school admissions counsels against criminal justice as a good pre-law major; whether it is a good preparation for CIA Agent or Private Investigator I can't say.

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Anwalt für Arbeitsrecht said...


It's really very good and interesting site.
I agree to your saying that parents can provide safety to their children by educating them about these criminal elements in their neighborhood and so.