Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jena update

Despite having his (absurd) conviction overturned by a Louisiana appeals court, Mychal Bell is still in jail and the protest march scheduled for tomorrow is still on.

Update: I'm heartened to see the great turnout for the march on Jena and the welcome (if belated and overly cautious) coverage of the case in the MSM. The National Lawyers Guild and Black Law Students Association at my law school ran an information table and handed out flyers, displaying a level of student interest I haven't seen in a while. I'm concerned, however, that the case of the "Jena 6" will come to be seen as the extent of the problem, an aberration on which attention should focus instead of a sample of a much wider problem of racialized hostility and prosecutorial bias to be addressed everywhere. The Electronic Village has gathered a few reports of other nooses in other trees, and I'm reminded that we need to keep fighting for justice and not just for Jena.

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Villager said...

Thanks for the link-love. I hadn't seen your blog before this afternoon. I will be back often now that I've been exposed to your vibe.