Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jim Crow Justice, Jena-style

It began--well, it began over 250 years ago, but most recently it began when a black high-school student asked for permission to sit under the "Whites Only" shade tree at the high school in Jena, Louisiana. The next morning saw nooses hanging from the tree (in the school colors). If you don't know what happened after that, you should.

You can find a summary here where Xicanopwr provides lots of useful links, with regular updates here.

Another good summary with updates here.

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Joey said...

I'm curious to the fact that (separate from this) when a white is intially attacked by a black, our television networks do not believe this is worth of being on the news. If a black is attacked my a white, it is on national new labelled as a hate crime and the NAACP moves in. Two things, for starters our country is hipocrytical. No one care to hear about a white being attacked by a black because it isn't shocking. An analogy for that is imagine seeing a story on the news about a man falling and scraping his knee. Nobody would care because it is so common its nothing special. the second point I want to make is the NAACP is run by liars who say they want to make sure justice is served. I have never heard of the NAACP moving in to help a poor hardworkin white man out. Also, I see commercials saying "stop the black on black crime." What is that supposed to mean? Stop attacking your own and attack more white people? Do you really think it is coincidence that there are 6 black people in jail in this country for every 1 white person. And those statistics are even before you look at the difference in population. there are a little over 6 white people in this country for every 1 black person. So with population as a factor, a black person is 40 times more likely to be in jail than a white person. Its pretty sad u can't say THAT on tv b/c you would lose your job for it.

Joey said...

bare with me on the typos. I was in a rush.

KC said...

Joey, none of your misinformation addresses either the existence of the "white tree" on the Jena High School grounds or the school's casual attitude toward the nooses found hanging there, nor do you take into account the fact that the injustice in Jena has been largely ignored by the television networks. You also seem to be unaware that every victory the NAACP has ever won has helped the "poor hardworkin white man" as much as or more than it has helped black people. As for the appallingly unjust incarceration rates you cite, you can learn more about them here and here and here .

Anonymous said...

I suport you on some stuff you said, but also you have to understand that you hear constantly on the media that black people have done bad things, which is causing more racism in america. You hardly ever hear of black people doing good. Plus you hear of more blacks killing each other than caucations, so we don't mean kill the other race and stop going against our own. it's not like that at all. And I have to say that the NAACP has been there ssince we were slaves, it's basically stands for National Asociation for Colored People. If you want an association for everyone look up Amnesty international for human rights. but what you wrote is your opinion and i'm not judging.

KC said...

You are certainly right about the racial slant of the mainstream media, which is why I try to avoid them. In fact, you hardly ever hear of anyone doing anything good, since the corporate masters who own the media are better off if we all fear and hate each other.

Joey said...

KC, I respect your opinion just as I hope u respect mine. We all have that right. Thats as respectful as I know how to be. my intention isn't to say I'm right and your wrong (or anybody for that matter).
I just want that to be clear before I start.

1. But to start this passage out, I checked your sources and I believe the second hyperlink u have is the exact same page I got my statistics from. I didn't mean there are 40 blacks in jail for ever one white. If thats what u took from it, either I typed wrong or u misunderstood. To clear that up, b/c I was a little vague. There are 1685 of every 100,000 white men in jail. There are 11,695 of every 100,000 black men in jail. that is a rate roughly 6.5 times that of a white man. Then I figured in that there are roughly 6 times as many whites as black. (I'm assuming there is a 1:1 ratio men to women with both races. I know this isn't exact, but its close enough).

2. in response to the "white tree" part. That was harsh, but do you realize that goes both ways also. There are entire parts of my hometown that I have never seen strictly for the fact that I am white. its just understood that if you're white, you don't go there. Its getting to the point where white people are hardly welcome in the town. About a year or two ago, after a highschool basketball game, i went in mcdonalds (my dad was out in the truck) and the entire restaurant smelled like weed and was full of blacks. I don't mean a good respectful black guy (which I absolutely have no problem with) I mean that thug, gangster type. And the whole five minutes I was in their just ordering, I heard every racial slur under the sun toward me. ( F'in cracker, dumba** cracker, etc.) I even asked the cashier why they were lettin them smoke weed in the restaurant and she said that she was too scared to do anything b/c that were yellin stuff at her too.(she was a pretty girl) so you get the drift. Thats just an idea of what some people like to refer to as "reverse" racism. So that isn't just a one way street.

3. When is a situation that the NAACP has moved in and helped a working class white man accomplish one thing?

In response to anonymous

1. On the media issue. This is halfway a funny issue. You're right, rarely do you hear of a black doing something good. But how often do you hear of a white doing something good? Nobody cares to hear about anything good. Media wants the juicy stuff.
And you hear about blacks doin stuff wrong as opposed to whites a little bit more .But just as I showed in those imprisonment rate, from my experience, you see more whites on tv for crimes than you do whites. Why is that? The only explanation I can figure is because they are afraid of coming under accusations by oganizations such as the NAACP for being racist. Its just not worth reporting the statistically correct crime rate and being worried about losing ratings.

2. The NAACP was founded on February 12, 1909. Not in the 1860's when the Emancipation Proclammation (spelling???) was put into effect which freed the slaves in the REBELLING states but had no effect on ABE LINCOLN'S SLAVES.

3. The amnesty human rights thing, you have a good point on that. tell me this tho, what would happen if an organization to protect white people only was established and wasn't racist and did everything and even lived politically correct, can you really tell me that wouldn't be called racist. Our country has a pile of nationally proclamed "black colleges". If there was a "white college", you know what would happen. And the same goes with the "National Negro College Fund" Even affirmative action, I don't believe I should be punished for a crime even my great grandparents didn't commit. What I mean by that is a minority getting special treatment over me because I was born white is a double standard. You can't end discrimination WITH discrimination.

Joey said...


1. And you hear about blacks doin stuff wrong as opposed to whites a little bit more .But just as I showed in those imprisonment rate, from my experience, you see more whites on tv for crimes than you do whites.

1. (correction) The point I was tryin to make is that you see more whites on tv for crimes than you do blacks even tho a black is more likely to commit a crime. ( I don't know how I messed that up so bad)

KC said...

Joey, you are missing the point of what is happening in Jena. You think the greater proportion of black people in prison for crime means black people are more likely to commit crime, when in fact it shows that proportionately more black people are prosecuted for and convicted of crime. Every aspect of the criminal injustice system is racist, from the definition of what is a crime all the way to the determination of who gets the death penalty. Many possible "crimes" happened in Jena, but those commited by white kids were ignored or labeled pranks, while those attributed to black kids were overprosecuted by a hostile white DA and tried before a biased white judge and a demonstrably biased white jury.