Sunday, May 20, 2007

The First Carnival of Radical Feminists

The First Carnival of Radical Feminists has been up since May 11 at Women's Space/The Margins. The next carnival will be June 5 at Feminist Law Professors.
Entries should be submitted here by June 3.
The current Carnival includes links to an excellent pair of articles connecting pro-choice advocacy with the birthing rights movement:
When a woman is giving birth in an American hospital, the doctors, nurses, and extended medical team are almost wholly focused on the status of the fetus inside of her—constantly employing technologies to monitor it and drugs to regulate it, allowing fetal well-being to be their dominant concern. When we think of a woman with an unintended pregnancy (and this could be the same woman, in a different phase of her life), a similar logic applies. Anti-choice activists don’t trust women to make responsible decisions about their lives and ability to parent; they instead focus on the potential life inside a woman, and place all emphasis on the future of the fetus rather than on the future of the woman. Anti-choice activism and overly-medicalized birthing practices are both based on a lack of trust in women. Consider the many restrictions imposed on birthing women: rules regulating out-of-hospital midwives, mandatory waiting periods for abortions, forced C-sections, and biased pre-abortion counseling are all examples of how people do not trust women (or their support networks) to make responsible decisions about family well-being.

Being a Radical Doula, How pro-choice advocacy and birth activism go hand in hand by Miriam PĂ©rez; see also Radical Doulas at Doulicia. Amen.

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