Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sad and anxious

Early this summer I stumbled upon Granny Gets A Vibrator, a fascinating and challenging blog by Liz, a 52-year-old body builder in Louisiana. Liz is smart, funny, and possessed of a sharp and unique perspective on life which, at the beginning of the summer, she was training on race relations. Then disaster struck, and Liz was diagnosed with lymphoma. Liz began a remarkable series of reports on finding her way without health insurance through the grisly funhouse of American public medicine. Her posts were wise, informative, heartbreaking and whimsical, but today they are gone--clicking the link above gets you a 404 not found. Maybe it's a glitch of some kind, and Granny will be back tomorrow, but I'm afraid it was too much to ask Liz to expend the considerable energy required to process her difficult days for our benefit.

Peace and love, Liz, and be well.

UpdateAccording to Liz's son Finn, Granny is taking a break from blogging. I hope Finn will keep us posted.


grace said...
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Beth said...

Hi, KC! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I've also been lurking around trying to visit as many friends of Granny as I can. Birds of a feather and all that.

Just FYI, the Painter has graciously checked in at Finn's with a positive update! Whee! It's a Happy Friday!