Monday, July 17, 2006

Long Sunday is holding a Symposium on Democracy

The very erudite, thoughtful and interesting people at Long Sunday, an excellent philosphical blog which I read but am unqualified to comment on, are holding a symposium on Democracy this week. An introduction and schedule, Reading Democracy, was (appropriately) posted Sunday, although posts have been ruminating around the topic for weeks. Definitely worth a ponder.

And, speaking of Democracy, I know everyone has already linked to Robert Newman's History of Oil, but if you haven't yet watched this excruciatingly funny and true presentation, whether because your list of must-see links has grown too long or because Newman's act is over 40 minutes long, do it now. Newman begins his ramble by hilariously documenting the absurdity of the claim of Britain and the US to be "Bringing Democracy to the Middle East." Now, more than ever, it is time to think about what democracy has, does, and can ever mean.

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s0metim3s said...

Short, white, feminist, lefty lawyers are certainly welcome - and more than capable of commenting on the topic, as you have already here.