Thursday, April 27, 2006

I call myself a feminist, but

I still have an awful lot to learn. I would say that the best place to do that learning is at Twisty Faster's blog I Blame The Patriarchy, except that Twisty's place is no place for beginners:
I Blame The Patriarchy is intended for advanced patriarchy-blamers. It is not a feminist primer.

Nevertheless, IBTP has been the site of an illuminating series of comments provoked by the ill-advised response of a self-proclaimed genius porn-loving male feminist to a

post about canned wine and testosterone. The comments, alternately infuriating, hilarious and thought-provoking, swirl around the question of whether Liberal White Dude can be a Feminist?

Reading these threads was uncomfortably educational for me. I am not a patriarch (or even male), but I do play one as a law professor. I try to be aware of the ways in which I am relatively privileged, but I'm afraid there are lots of ways I wield that privilege without being aware that is what I'm doing. Many of them are listed in this brilliant guide to How To Be A Nice Guy at Official Blog.

Live and learn and keep reading, I guess.

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