Sunday, April 30, 2006

Demonstrate for Immigrant Rights on May Day!

Majikthise, prompted by Chris Kromm whose post I can't seem to load on my spotty connection, asks about people's plans for tomorrow's May Day immigrant rights demonstrations here. Among the comments is that of Chris O., which pretty much nails what I think about the whole issue of immigration and why:
The answer to the "problem" of immigration is the same as it was when the Wobblies addressed it; & what's called for is: One Big Union; free movement of labor, IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, across any border that permits the movement of Capital; and an end to "socialism for corporations".

Here in Los Angeles we expect two large demonstrations tomorrow, one marching up Broadway from Olympic to First followed by a noon rally at First and Spring, and the other marching from Alvarado at 4 pm, past MacArthur Park and down Wilshire to rally at Wilshire and LaBrea around 7 pm. I'll be at the earlier march but, after some soul searching, will be teaching a class when the evening march passes my campus on Wilshire. I'd like to see my evening law students boycott my class and march, but it's the last week of the semester and I doubt they will.

Information on the issues and the rallies here, here, here and here.

Edit: I finally got Chris Kromm's post at Facing South to load on my lame-o machine, and it is well worth the read.

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