Thursday, April 13, 2006

Feminista! Volume 6 Number 1

Feminista!, The Journal of Feminist Construction, has been published. The new issue includes two essays examining the anti-feminist nature of the "new", "21st Century" individualist "ifeminism". As Who's Coopting Feminism? points out:
according to ifeminism, "equality" is synonymous with equal treatment under the existing legal, economic and social systems. In other words, rather than opposing the status quo, ifeminism operates within it.

This approach cannot possibly lead to anything resembling justice. As Laura Kamienski says in A Challenge to the Feminist Community:
In all of this what has been lost is that feminism is an impetus to the radical reordering of society through socially conscious political struggle. But social consciousness and the courage to withdraw support from patriarchy are exactly what are missing in this wave of conservative "feminism." I'd like to challenge those interested in women's rights to examine (or reexamine) and analyze the roots of women's oppression with a socially conscious perspective. I challenge all those claiming to be feminists to develop a political agenda based on the reality of the relationship of forces and to immediately end their support of patriarchy.

Having checked the ifeminists' site (you can find it yourself if you are so inclined) I seriously doubt that anyone involved in that offshoot of libertarianism wants to do anything to improve the lot of women in society, unless you count decriminalizing rape (I kid you not: the "Ed." of the site opines that "Rape is a crime against another individual not against society or the State.") or dismantling the Family Law system (the site calls it the "feminist-dominated family law and social work industry") as improvements for women.

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ae said...

I had the displeasure of stumbling across the ifeminists website once during a search for something else, and I was surprised to find I'd never heard of this group w/ the word 'feminist' in its title! Took about 3 seconds to realize why I'd never heard of them.

I do find it deliciously ironic that a site calling itself "ifeminists" uses the term feminist pejoritively in dismissing the Family Law system as "feminist-dominated family law and social work industry." Reveals their hand quite nicely.