Monday, September 01, 2008

Focus, people

Gustav's not the story. Bristol's not the story. The story is the lawless, absurd suppression by state and federal forces--we used to call it "prior restraint"--of speech around and about the pathetic RNC this week in Minneapolis.

See here: Glenn Greenwald (Salon), "Federal government involved in raids on protesters"

"Police raids enrage activists, alarm others" (Minneapolis StarTribune)

Emergency Press statement by Eileen of I-Witness Video, issued while surrounded by armed police.

Police raid headquarters of RNC protesters

Minnesota police raid ‘criminal’ RNC protesters

War Protesters [?] to Proceed With March on GOP Convention (Wall Street Journal)

And this, which fascinates me but I'm too much of a Luddite to really understand: For raid coverage, Twitter was the place to be

On a day when police raids rolled like thunder across Minneapolis and St. Paul, the best place to watch it all was Twitter.

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