Monday, February 04, 2008

Stanley Fish on Hillary Haters

I like Hillary Clinton and I want her to be President of the United States of America.
I continue to be very disturbed by the tone of both the coverage of the Democratic campaign generally and remarks I myself have heard. Here's why.
Stanley Fish - Think Again: All You Need Is Hate
ht Feminist Philosophers

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libhom said...

A huge problem with Fish's analysis is that opponents of Ms. Clinton are coming from two different perspective.

1) The first group is from conservatives and rightists who agree with Clinton on most substantive issues but can not stand the idea of a woman in the White House.

2) The second is from liberals and progressives who don't want a de facto Republican like Clinton in the White House. This group remembers being betrayed constantly by the previous Clinton administration.

The two groups are contradicting each other because they completely disagree with each other about American political issues.