Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Am Hip

I know what Twitter is. Sort of. When I mentioned it at dinner tonight, my 22-year-old daughter had never heard of it. That's how I know for sure I am way hip.
I read about Twitter on Academhack, who has blogged about the value of Twitter in making connections among students in a class and between class content and the world at large (or, at least, the world in micro-bytes). So I set up a Twitter account, then immediately canceled it when I found out that Twittering occurs primarily by way of text messaging (although there are several other ways to Twitter). I text messaged once and I'm sure I could do it again any time if I really wanted to, but I don't seem to have the right calling plan on my mobile phone for texting. I base this provisional conclusion on the fact that my son engaged in some intensive texting over three days a couple of weeks ago and ran up a $150 bill in the process. Now, I have had some success in learning to use blogging software, and I know how to load up my iPod Nano with music to ride the subway by, but I am entirely helpless when it comes to mobile telephone calling plans, which I leave in the hands of my husband who gave me the mobile phone in the first place so he could triangulate my location at all times.
I sometimes wonder what I could be using my dwindling supply of brain cells on if I didn't have to burn through them learning this week's technology.

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