Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Victories, Nightmares and Kool-Aid

I paced my Remedies class exactly right this semester, covering all the course materials without rushing and with one day left over for review!

I had a dream last night that my dean saw me working in the library and wondered what I might be doing there.

After a close call a year ago, my iBook G4 12" called it quits last week. It had had almost every part but the serial number replaced last year when it was still under AppleCare, but last week the video quit. I could have had whatever was wrong fixed for $300, but instead I got a new 13" MacBook. It is still possible to run the old one in target mode, so I transferred all the data to the new machine. "I transferred" misrepresents the process as involving some substantial participation on my part--the MacBook told me what button to push and arranged things for me. I didn't even need to restore anything from backup. Even my regular printers are already installed, and the recovered versions of the documents I was working on when the old machine froze popped right up on the new one.

Yes, I have drunk the Apple Kool-Aid.

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