Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Facebook . . .

. . . and MySpace remind me of Chuck-E-Cheese.--noise, lights, distractions with no focus to be distracted from. I signed up for Facebook a few weeks ago because an online friend switched to Facebook for her online presence (from an invision board) and I didn't want to lose touch. But I feel like I have pursued my friend into a house of mirrors! And MySpace--I forget why I joined MySpace--is even worse. Well, "worse" from my point of view--more interesting? Do my students communicate with each other (and the world?) on Facebook and MySpace? Are they comfortable there? When I address them from the front of the class room (the 20th Century Sage on the State) am I just one of dozens of stimuli (the least shiny) flickering across their mental screens?
Here's what Facebook thinks of me, by the way:

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RosemaryWessel said...


At least they're probably looking at you. Mine are always looking at their screens. Sometimes I just catch a glimpse of the IM, MySpace or Facebook screens disappearing as they tab back to what they're supposed to be working on.

Oh, and you have a friend in Cummington, MA, so tell Facebook's 315,598 people to stuff it.