Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Worst in the World

While I sit here on my bed thinking and reading about law, justice, ethics, responsibility, millions are dying and hundreds of thousands of women, children and babies are being brutally, horribly raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read Amy Goodman's interview with Congolese human rights activist Christine Schuler Deschryver here. Send money here or here or here or here.
The perpetrators of this violence, like the perpetrators of the Shoah, are not members of an alien species: they are us. We are--I am--under the right (wrong) circumstances capable of what I would prefer to think of as unimaginable evil. Emmanuel Levinas was a victim of the Holocaust and, to quote Desmond Manderson's "Proximity, Levinas, and the Soul of Law" which I am currently reading, Levinas's "books are haunted by the ashen memory of holocaust." Levinas must have seen some hope for an ethics of infinite responsibility to the other despite what he knew about the world, but I'm not sure I can see it.


Anonymous said...

Human beings are capable of horrible evil and corruption. However, I find it is easy to make the decision to DO THE RIGHT THING. I think most find it easy to stand against blatant injustice. While we look with disdain at the injustice in the world we must also look in our own Dallas Texas. There is a cancer in our country that allows for the abuse of children. This is court ordered abuse. Judge Marilea Lewis placed her court appointed cronies, Dr. John Zervopoulos(evaluator) and Gail Inman (therapist) and Joseph Amberson(amicus attorney)into position with a plan to exonerate the abuser. Then as scripted and planned, these court appointed tools ignored everything the child told them, betrayed him and then convinced a jury to ignore the findings of Child Protective Services and to award full custody to the person that CPS said was sexually abusing the child. It is hard to believe that such a heinous act happened here in America. Even the majority of criminals in the world do not accept sexual abuse. It is a criminals crime. These court criminals in Dallas Texas do this as a routine. They have abused other children. Only public exposure and scrutiny will stop these foul acts. The truth is the truth and the facts are the facts. The corruption is evident and it must stop.

Anonymous said...

I am very familiar with the above mentioned players and everything written is true. There is only one thing I would like to add and that is these 4 are only a few of many doing this kind of damage in Dallas TX. You all know who you are and you are all disgusting!

Dallas Family Attorney

Anonymous said...

i agree-the things Judge lewis and Sven Daelamans are doing are despicable. They are burn-outs who dont care about the childs welfare, even when its been proven that a "mom" is unfit, they still rule in the so called moms favor just to clear the case-load. Judge Grubbs is the only judge with any kind of sense and is impartial to bias.