Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Very Worried About My Country

Like many people, I have a Backwards Bush countdown clock keychain.

Don't panic--the one pictured is not counting down!
The thing is, neither did my keychain. I've actually had 2. The first one stopped entirely about a year ago. I thought that was a very bad sign, but I instructed myself not to be superstitious, threw the bad omen away, and thought no more about it. It had bothered me a little to carry the countdown clock around anyway, as there were so many, many days left in W's term that the little reminder was more depressing than encouraging. Add to that my uncertainty that the end of W's term would inaugurate a substantially different and better era, and I didn't really miss my little toy.
But everyone who has one of these Backwards Bush totems is dying to give one to every friend, so I was soon the beneficiary of another countdown clock. This one ticked along for a while, as I watched it warily, but soon it too misbehaved. One day I glanced at it and was shocked (to put it mildly) to see that W's term had been extended by an additional 500 days! Now, just think, if you can bear it, what damage W and his handlers were able to accomplish in their first 500 days. Well, this was a portent I could not ignore, so I did a little investigating and learned how to reset the damn clock.
Today it stopped again.

Now what do I do?

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Anonymous said...

Hi KC - it's Vince from Backwards Bush!

I'm sorry to hear about your keychains. I'm not sure why they both went crazy like that.

Send me an email ( with your mailing information and I will replace your keychain for you.

Thanks, and sorry again for the trouble!