Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just Talk Among Yourselves

In the past 10 days I have finished grading my exams, wrapped up a student disciplinary matter, caught up with the laundry, moved everything back into my newly remodeled kitchen, moved everything out of the rest of the living/dining room and hallway to get the wood floors sanded, ridden along while my son learns to drive, and bought a hiking pole, hat and boots for my upcoming trip hiking in the rain in Wales and England (as well as some theoretically wrinkle-proof, more-or-less presentable clothing to wear at the two conferences paying for the trip). All I need to do in the next two weeks is write up two papers, one of which has been festering in my mind for so long that actually expelling it will be an event on the order of Zeus giving birth to Athena. That should be worth a few SSRN downloads.

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1 comment:

BOSSY said...

Teaching the kid to drive - now that will put a little hair on your chest! And Bossy should know, she had to SHAVE IT.