Monday, May 28, 2007

Grim Thoughts for Memorial Day 2007

Over 1000 US soldiers dead in Iraq since Memorial Day 2006.
Who is counting the soldiers killed in Afghanistan?
How many soldiers' lives (and the lives of their families) destroyed by mutilating injuries, soul-killing evil, traumatic stress, endlessly extended tours of duty?
Countless Iraqi soldiers and civilians dead and wounded.
An ancient civilization inconveniently perched atop much of the world's remaining oil trashed.
The war for oil, launched on pretexts and lies by the oil industry tools who stole the US 2000 (and, more carefully, 2004) election, soundly rejected by voters in the 2006 election, now re-funded and indefinitely extended by Democrat-controlled Congress. Iran in our sights.
Time to listen to some new points of view?

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