Sunday, May 06, 2007

Digital Serendipity, Self Absorption and a Bucket of Nappies

Some days I just love the internet and today is one of them. Some time ago Ian Skinner of Grumpy Old Journo stumbled onto my blog, and so, courtesy of sitemeter, I stumbled onto his. Skinner describes himself as
White beard, red hair, somewhat overweight. A genial fellow becoming a bit grumpy as I see what they're doing to my country, and really dismayed by the venom of the so-called culture wars. My mates call me a leftie, but I'd love to be labelled something nice like liberal humanist.
Grumpy Old Journo is a source of wise and quirky insights and I highly recommend it to all my many fan.
So the other day, Ian Skinner wrote:
Back in my first blog, I wrote about the misuse of the word “enormity” and provided a link to a self-described “short white leftist feminist law professor at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles”. KC. Sheehan emailed back some gratifying encouragement. Her lively blog is still a good way to keep up with leftish feminism in the US. Wonder what she'd say about Senator Bill Heffernan's comment that Deputy Opposition Leader Julia Gillard is unfit for public office because she's “deliberately barren”?

Well, of course, being a pretty normal American, I had no idea what Grumpy was talking about because it happened in Australia--that is, outside the US of A--and didn't involve mass devastation, anti-American action or Brangelina. But after following a few links I learned that Liberal Loose Cannon Senator Bill Heffernan opined a year ago, and reaffirmed last week, that Labor Deputy Leader Julia Gillard was unqualified to lead the country because she "was barren" and therefore did not share "[o]ne of the great understandings in a community . . . the relationship between mum, dads and a bucket of nappies." One hardly knows where to begin in examining that excretion but fortunately the job has been thoroughly accomplished by Grumpy, Gilliard, and a host of commentators and bloggers. I will only add that it seems Heffernan's own leadership potential might be improved by a closer relationship with the nappy.

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