Monday, April 09, 2007

Ken Starr's Life, Work and Faith

The Christian Law Students Association where I teach have invited Kenneth Starr to speak to them about his faith and how it affects his life and work. This means that Starr's jowly visage has been plastered all over campus for the past month, beaming down from the jumbo-tron in every lobby, flapping with every breeze in the courtyard. I didn't realize just how much anger I had stored up over the whole Whitewater/MonicaGate/Impeachment episode but it turns out I am just churning with it. So, of course, I'm sitting here waiting for His Holiness to appear before me, figuring I'll take this opportunity to try my hand at live blogging. Here's a picture while we await His Coming.

Update: OK, so no live blogging. I think too slowly. His Holiness was late and tried to leave early--he was just stopping by on his way to the Dodgers opening game, by the grace of God (he said). More later.

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Doctor Biobrain said...

I know that's Kenneth Starr, but isn't that also Karl Rove? Damn if all those pervy nerds don't look alike. No wonder they're so pissed and out for revenge. Can you blame them?

KC said...

Separated at birth: Ken Starr, Karl Rove and the Pillsbury Dough Boy?