Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Car Free

Well, not quite car-free. But I'm working on it. Even though I live in the San Fernando Valley and work between Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles, I've been trying to and, lately, succeeding in avoiding the solo commute in my car. I bicycle from home to the subway station (Los Angeles has a cute little subway that serves me and a few of my neighbors at a cost of around $260 million per mile) and from another station to my office, or I take a bus, or I stay home. I do this in part because I think it's right, and in part because we let my daughter make off with a car when she went to work at a science camp in the mountains. And I do this despite the fact that it requires me to look like this.

Anyway, my colleague and hero James Kushner has spent the past few years writing and advocating for car-free cities in articles and books such as The Post-Automobile City: Legal Mechanisms to Establish the Pedestrian-Friendly City
I don't know how delusional you have to be to live in Los Angeles and take seriously the possibility of a post-automobile city but hooray for Jim!

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