Friday, May 05, 2006

PFAW's Wiki The Presidency

Update 2: Well, WikiThePresidency disappeared almost as soon as it was created--who know Homeland Security was that on top of things? But now it's back, so wiki away!

Update 1: Like I said, I don't keep up with the news. I guess if I tried to I might have been aware of some of these sites pointed out by Bennet on the former, now-erased discussion page over on PFAW's WikiThePresidency:

Top 10 20 Bush Lies

Claim vs. Fact: The Center for American Progress

Iraq on the Record (PDF file)

"They Knew"

Hiding the Truth: Bush's Need-to-Know Democracy(PDF file)

Politics & Science in the Bush Administration (PDF file)

Just this morning I was looking at my keytag counting down Bush's remaining days in office and thinking about all the laws and orders curtailing our liberty and empowering the imperial presidency will have to be rolled back and repealed when this regrettable episode in our history is over. What a job it will be to find all these enactments lurking, in the US Code, the Federal Regulations and wherever else they hide! So I was pleased to find in my email this morning that People for the American Way have taken on this job with their excellent new Wiki the Presidency project.

From the WikiThePresidency main page:

People For the American Way believes that a healthy democracy is an informed democracy. We have created to establish a single place for the public to both acquire and share information about Executive Branch wrongdoings.

Based on the same technology as the online encyclopedia, this site allows members of the public to add and edit topics and content. Those of you who wish to add or change content in order to improve this resource, please observe these two simple rules:

Post factual claims – this is intended to be a public resource not an op-ed page, so we ask that you refrain from posting your own commentary;

Provide links to supporting material – all factual claims should be supported with links to sources widely regarded as credible (either authored by a recognized authority or published by a reputable news source).

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