Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Beginnings and endings

The past few days have been full of beginnings and endings and comings and goings. First and most important, my daughter graduated from Cal Berkeley--Phi Beta Kappa with departmental honors in Integrative Biology and a dizzying gpa--on Saturday, moved out of her apartment on Monday and left for a field research class in Minnesota on Tuesday (well, technically, 12:30 am Wednesday). Here she is in her cap and gown and privacy:

Emily in Cap and Gown

Meanwhile, hundreds of my current (I consider them mine until their exams are graded) and former students graduated from law school Sunday while a couple dozen more learned to their very great relief that they had passed the February 2006 California Bar Exam along with my own most excellent brother.
So, here it is Wednesday morning and I am left in my little room with a crate of Civil Procedure essay exams to mark. If only there were a latter-day Rumpelstiltskin who could spin all this paper into grades for me!

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Anonymous said...

you could just give us all an A and end your woes...just a suggestion! ;)