Monday, May 01, 2006

Another Great Day in the Streets

Nearly all of us in Los Angeles are immigrants of one kind or another. Today a huge chunk of LA's latino/a population took to the streets for the better part of the day to proclaim their love for the US and to demand that their value to this country as workers and as people be acknowledged. And to oppose the Sensenbrenner bill and to demand general amnesty for the undocumented. And to enjoy a wonderful day in the sun. The plan was for two demonstrations, one downtown at 11 and one down Wilshire from MacArthur Park to LaBrea at 2. I did my National Lawyers Guild
Legal Observer thing at the morning demonstration until about 12:30, at which time people were still pouring into downtown.


I think the two demonstrations merged into one pulsating wave of people waving flags, singing and banging drums. It was a great day.


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