Thursday, April 20, 2006

Red Sox Safe to Watch (Cautiously)


My husband's father was born in Boston in 1919 and died in Boston at the age of 83 without ever seeing his beloved/hated Red Sox win the World Series. My husband was born in Boston in 1953. As a child he saw Ted Williams play. I was born in New Jersey (when is none of your business) and paid no attention to the Red Sox until I met my husband and they all became part of both my waking life and my nightmares. So October 2004 was very cool but even more a very great relief. Maybe now we could just relax and enjoy a ball game without having to shut off the TV every time a runner was left on base or assume the fetal position whenever a pitcher stayed in the game one batter too long.

I wish. If you are yoked to a Red Sox fan you know what I mean. But in my own quiet way, I am enjoying this lovely start to the season.

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