Friday, April 08, 2005

Into the Blogosphere

Many people who blog on law-related topics are quick and smart (and, I'm guessing, male). I am smart, but I am not quick. By the time I'm aware that an issue is "hot" it has been so thoroughly examined by all the usual suspects that there seems nothing left to say about it. And yet, as I rattle through the archives trying to catch up with what was said last week, I'm often left feeling that discussions crystalize prematurely. Issues become defined and sides are taken before some important or, at least, peculiar, facets have been allowed to emerge. My comment that might have sent the conversation in an interesting (to me) direction after the first hour or two no longer seems to have any relevance by the end of the day. Maybe I never understood what the conversation was about, but maybe I did and my failure to speak up allowed a door to be shut that would have been better left open.

So, this blog. I'll go ahead and comment, secure in the knowledge that no one will hear me.


Peter said...

Why are you so focused on male vs. female issues? Honestly, I'm sick of people that keep dividing the world up into various groups. It'll be a great day when people are truly judged by the "content of their character." These days, in my opinion, both the political right and left miss the point.

After reading many of your POSTS, I believe you're very close to reaching your full potential...

Maybe it's time to open your wings and become a true Jonathan Livingston Seagull...

Instead of clinging to a stupid label!

Anonymous said...

jonathan livingston seagull?
what decade is this? And if anybody ever told me they thought I was close to reaching my full potential I'd want to smack the condescending twit up the side of the head. Likely a very male response, though I think my grandmother would have the same urge, character telling.

And growing up in a strict baptist family, I'll tell ya, it was not such a great day when everyone was judged by the content of their character in those lights.

Seagull. Beach rat.